New Belgium Clips of Faith – Call for Entries!

Bring Your Film to the Inflatable Big Screen!
New Belgium Brewing is Seeking Film Submissions for “Clips of Faith” Tour

You make the film. We make the beer.

New Belgium Brewing, maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale, is calling all filmmakers, beer-lovers and videographers! New Belgium’s Clips of Faith ( is in its third year and searching for short films of the tasty variety.

Clips of Faith is an 18-city tour where people can savor beers from New Belgium’s esoteric Lips of Faith series, along with some popular classics, while enjoying short films and raising money for local nonprofits. Since its inception two years ago, the tour has raised more than $91,000 for local philanthropic organizations and shown nearly 40 amateur films. Clips of Faith will finish its tour Knoxville on October 12, 2012.

“We really enjoy working with all the creative folks in our community of beer drinkers to bring the event together,” said Christie Catania, Clips of Faith Manager-at-Large. “The whole evening is a remarkable collaboration of passions—hand-made films with hand-made beer. We look forward to bringing out some new unique beers and putting together the final cut of the 2012 show.”

Over the last two seasons, New Belgium has received nearly 200 film submissions, with approximately 20 selections making each tour. This year, all selected entries will receive a custom gift from New Belgium and screenings in 18 cities.

To enter, upload your film by April 16 to The guidelines include:

  • The film must be no more than seven minutes.
  • Filmmakers must be at least 21 years old.
  • The film can cover any subject/genre, but extra points go to films that include New Belgium folly: craft beer, sustainability, whimsy, adventure or culture.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Filmmakers must secure rights for all elements included in the film.

In 2010 and 2011, some of the selected storylines included a paddling trip through whaling waters, a talking beer bottle sketch comedy and an absurdist spaghetti western. Film genres ranged from comedic shorts, animation and environmental documentaries to tales about the beloved bike.

For the latest information on Clips of Faith, go to and for more information on New Belgium Brewing, visit


Mega Workday Details

Wow! We’ve had an incredible community response to the MEGA WORKDAY happening on Dec 17th. We can’t wait to see all the new faces and old friends who’ve committed to come out and work in the dirt on Knoxville’s newest trail network.

Everyone should bring work gloves and water, and any tools specified below for the team you’ll be working on. Here are the full details:



  • River Sports is giving away 100 $25 gift Cards.
  • Ijams is Giving away Free individual memberships for ALL Workers.  A family membership can be upgraded for the cost of the difference
  • Lunch is at the “hub” on Imery’s Trail (intersection with the Keyhole trail)

There will be several crews:

Material Movers

  • We will be surfacing the new flow trail to make it rideable year round. We will have two machines to load wheelbarrows but we need people hauling with wheelbarrows.
  • What you can bring: a wheelbarrow, shovel and a hard garden rake
  • We need: about 20 people


  • Sunlight Gardens and Overhill Nurseries have donated A LOT of native plant material. We’ll be putting it in the ground.
  • What you can bring: a garden spade, loppers, rakes, etc.

Trail Diggers

  • We will be working on a new section of trail. The club has digging tools and loppers enough for 30 people

Bridge Builders

  • We need people to haul lumber (mules) and people to build the bridge with Randy Farmer


NO CHAINSAWS, PLEASE.  The club has a couple of chainsaw-certified people who will do any chainsawing that is necessary. We appreciate the offers of chainsaws, but we’ll definitely find other work for you.